About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Black Sugar Boba is to provide our customers with an unparalleled and unique boba and tea experience that is both refreshing and satisfying. We are dedicated to using only the finest and all natural ingredients to create uniquely delicious drinks that exceed expectations.

Our unique blend of flavors and our commitment to innovation is what sets us apart. We pride ourselves on only using homemade fruit syrups blended with our premium tea offerings which are carefully curated to provide a diverse and high-quality selection. We always strive to offer new and exciting options to our customers as well as constantly updating our menu with new and exciting flavors.

We also strive to create an inviting and welcoming environment where everyone can enjoy our creations and take a moment to be with friends and family. We are more than just a boba shop, we are a community hub where people can come together and enjoy a truly authentic and unique experience.

Only Real Ingredients

Being committed to only using real ingredients is essential for us. This means that we never use artificial powders or syrups in our drinks.

By sourcing real whole fruits we are able to create flavorful, homemade bases for our drinks. To us, using real ingredients means we are able to provide flavorful and unique drink creations that meet or exceed the quality standards we strive for.

We Take Tea Seriously!

We prioritize using whole fruits and spices, but we also take pride in sourcing high-quality loose leaf tea from renowned tea growing regions in mainland Asia, south east Asia and the Subcontinent.

We brew all of our tea fresh every morning using a process inspired by traditional brewing methods in order to bring out the unique characteristics and subtleties in the leaves.

We strive to brew a balanced tea with just the right amount of tannins and a full spectrum of flavors. We believe this utilization of fresh brewed tea and our signature real fruit bases is what creates a flavorful and unique product that we are proud to offer to our customers.